Make This Valentine's Day The One To Remember

Personalize a romantic scavenger hunt for the one you love


Join hundreds of couples who are celebrating with adventure 

Don't settle for chocolates and flowers.

Create a one-of-a-kind experience your loved one will remember forever.

Easily create a surprise adventure

Add your own personal touch to clues and puzzles so your scavenger hunt reflects your unique love story.

Watch as they experience a romantic adventure made just for them

See their excitement as they discover your heart-felt messages and personalized clues.

Reward them with a personalized prize

Once they've solved the adventure, reward them with a customizable 'Love Lotto' scratch card guaranteed to amaze.

Easy to set up

Use our step-by-step instructions or fully customize your own adventure. Either way, it's easy and fun to set up.

One-of-a-kind experience

There's nothing more unique than a romantic scavenger hunt made from the heart.

Guaranteed to melt their heart

Personalized clues and puzzles will show them how much you care and will make this Valentine's Day the one they'll always remember.

What's inside the box?

Exciting clues and puzzles 

Clue Cards

Message in a Bottle

Disappearing Ink

"I Spy" Jigsaw Puzzle

Decoder Message

Glow in the Dark

Secret Compartment
Book Box

Treasure Box and Heart Lock

Items to set a romantic scene

Rose petals, LED candles, a heart balloon, and more.

A Customizable Scratch Card Reward

Because the best gifts come from the heart.