Coming Soon: The Date Night Game You Won't Want To Put Down

We're building a limited-run of a date night game like no other. Take what you thought you knew about Truth or Dare and throw it out the window. It's about to get way more exciting.

The Date Night Game You Won't Want To Put Down

You asked for it and we're delivering: a date night game that's equal parts fun and romantic.

Take what you thought you knew about Truth or Dare and throw it out the window. It's about to get way more exciting.

This is Not Your Average Truth or Dare!  


Deal out your hands

Each player starts with 7 cards in their hand

Take turns playing a truth or dare card

Choose a truth or dare card from your hand for your partner

Watch out for 'event' cards

Block or reverse the truth/dare, steal cards from each other's hands, and more!

get personal. get Daring. Get closer.

Ready to upgrade your date night?


We will be doing a limited run of NOT YOUR AVERAGE TRUTH OR DARE while supplies last. Here's what you'll get in the game:

NYATD what you get

Your support will help us make this game bigger and better. That means more interesting questions, more exciting dares, and more hours of fun playing with your loved one. 

Deepen Your Connection

Discover new things about each other with interesting questions you've never asked before and dares that spark excitement.

Make Date Night Fun Again

Turn off Netflix and get ready to laugh and play all night long. Grab your favorite food and drinks and you've got the perfect date night ready to go.

Exciting Twists

Designed to play like a real card game with surprises in each hand that will keep players guessing what's coming next.

Customizable Play

Choose from over 100 cards across 4 themes to customize your game: romantic, funny, curious, and thrilling. And, use the blank cards to create your own unique additions.

What makes this special?

We're so glad you asked.

A real card game

Healthy competition and fun surprises inspired by your favorite card games. No more just reading out a question from a card.


With over 120 cards and game rules that keep it surprising, you can play again and again

Actually fun

It won't feel like soul-searching therapy or have boring questions that are more suited for strangers.

Great dares

We all know dares are often duds. Ours are fun and won't get you arrested or have you rolling your eyes.

science-backed method for falling deeper in love

More than 20 years ago, researchers discovered that strangers could fall in love with a simple action: asking each other a series of personal questions. Similarly, laughing together has been found to be a key marker of happy relationships. The combination of sharing things about yourself and having moments of silly laughs is a research-backed recipe for building intimacy.

We Make New Ways to Play

As the creators of the first of its kind romantic scavenger hunt kit, we have helped hundreds of couples bring more adventure and fun into their relationship. Hailed as one of Cosmopolitan's Most Popular Gifts of 2021, our creations help people connect in fun and unique ways. Kids aren't the only ones who need play. It's time for adults to have fun too!