Say 'I love you' with adventure

Send your loved one on a romantic scavenger hunt they'll never forget

Say goodbye to boring gifts. Your relationship will thank you.

Our romantic scavenger hunt kit gives you everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind gift that will make your loved one feel amazing.

Scavenger Box romantic scavenger hunt kit
Spice Things Up

Bring the romance with a surprise they'll never expect and will always remember.

Reflect Your Love Story

Insert your favorite memories and moments from your relationship. A gift this good could only come from you.

Deepen Your Connection

Strengthen your relationship through laughter and play while making new memories.

What people are saying

One of the most romantic gifts you could possibly get.

The Knot

It was perfect! Easy to set up, tons of fun, my fiancé was very happy.

Cody H.

The most on-point present for your partner.


Great idea that goes the extra mile compared to the standard affair of flowers/food.

Warren M.

This scavenger hunt was wonderful because it helped guide me in how to set it up and even gave me prompts but would also give enough leeway so that I could make it special and specific to us.

Stephanie M.

He absolutely loved it and said he doesn’t know how I’ll top it in the coming years! He is still talking about it.

Bonnie L.

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