The Best At Home Date Night Ideas (Volume 2)

Forget the expensive dinner reservations and navigating through crowds, your home just became the hottest date spot in town! At-home dates aren't just budget-friendly, but they're also super romantic and fun because you can create a truly unique and personal experience - all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're looking for a luxurious romantic date, a cozy night-in, or a fun adventure that will have you both laughing, you can make it happen at home. These are also the perfect quarantine activities for couples!

Here are some of our favorite at-home dates:

at home date ideas

1.  Watch your favorite childhood movies

It's time for a flashback to the past. This is a movie night date, but with a twist! Take turns watching both of your favorite movies from when you were young. Cue the nostalgia. Not only will this date bring back some great memories, but you'll learn alot about your partner too. 

2.  Solve a jigsaw puzzle

You know that 500 piece puzzle you've been meaning to get to? It's calling to you. Perhaps you were never quite up to the challenge before, but now's the time! With two people, you can solve it twice as quick. 

3.  Have a cake decorating contest

Be the star of your own episode of Cake Boss. Bake two cakes - one for each of you to decorate however you please (or you can bake cupcakes). It's pretty amazing how creative (and competitive!) you can get with cake decorating! Plus, you'll have some sweet treats to enjoy afterwards. Check out some creative cupcake decorating ideas here for inspiration.

4.  Draw portraits of each other

Trust us, this is a really fun date regardless of your artistic ability. Take turns drawing portraits of each other. You'll either end up with a new piece of art or a good laugh so it's a win-win!


We hope you have fun with these at home date night ideas. Let us know if you try them with #scavengerbox. We'd love to see your creativity in action! Want more at home date ideas? Check out Volume 1.