Scavenger Box Gift Box Scavenger Box
Scavenger Box Gift Box Scavenger Box
Scavenger Box Gift Box Scavenger Box
Scavenger Box Gift Box Scavenger Box
Scavenger Box Gift Box Scavenger Box
Scavenger Box Gift Box Scavenger Box
Scavenger Box Gift Box Scavenger Box
Scavenger Box Gift Box Scavenger Box
Scavenger Box Gift Box Scavenger Box
Scavenger Box Gift Box Scavenger Box

Scavenger Box

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Everything you need to create and customize a romantic experience they'll treasure forever.

Clues, puzzles, and amazing tools to help you create a personalized, romantic scavenger hunt for someone you love.

Customizable clues and puzzles to reflect your love story

Easy to setup with our step-by-step instructions

Rose petals and LED candles to set a romantic scene

A one-of-kind surprise they will never forget

Perfect for a special occasion or a date night at home

What's in the box?

Inside each box you'll get everything you need to create a fun and romantic surprise with ease. These include:

  • Step-by-step instructions that makes it easy to setup an exciting adventure, with suggestions for clever riddles and places to hide your next clue
  • 8 premium clue cards you can customize however you like
  • 100 faux rose petals and 6 LED candles to set a romantic scene
  • Puzzles that will amaze like magical ink that vanishes before your eyes and hidden messages that can only be seen using decoder glasses
  • Items to cleverly disguise clues like a message in a bottle, a book box, and glow-in-the-dark letters
  • A lockable treasure box and a heart-shaped combination lock to hide a final prize
  • A customizable 'scratch and win' lotto card to reward your loved one for completing the hunt
  • And more!


Shipping to U.S. and Canada only.

The Ultimate Gift 

Give a gift that is fun, romantic, and meaningful. This is an experience your loved one will treasure forever. 


Use the items in the box to personalize the adventure so that it's unique to your love story.

Easy Setup

We give you a step-by-step instructions booklet to help you along the way. Magic made easy.

Top Notch Support

We're here to help make sure your adventure is amazing.

Take a peek inside the box

Exciting Clues & Puzzles

Clue Cards

Message in a Bottle

Disappearing Ink

Jigsaw Puzzle

Decoder Message

Glow in the Dark

Secret Compartment
Book Box

Locked Treasure Box

Items to Set a Romantic Scene

Rose petals, LED candles, a heart balloon, and more.

A Customizable Reward

Because the best gifts are from the heart.

Take your adventure to the next level with these optional add-ons

Choose from these amazing items to make your scavenger hunt even more epic

500 Extra Rose Petals

$9.99 USD

Optional Add-on

For the people who love grand displays of romance, this one's for you! With an additional 500 faux rose petals, you can deck out an entire room to create an ultra romantic scene, spell out special messages in petals, or create beautiful rose petal trails that lead from one clue to the next. This is the perfect tool to create a high impact visual experience that will blow your loved one away as soon as they see it.

Candle with Secret Key & Lock

$15.99 USD

Optional Add-on

One of the coolest ways to hide a clue, and something that your loved one will never expect! This heart-shaped candle looks cute as can be, but burn the candle for about 15 minutes and inside the wax will be revealed a hidden key to open a tiny heart lock. This is the perfect addition for an extra puzzle to your scavenger hunt that will really wow your partner. And, you can enjoy the heart-shaped candle long after your scavenger hunt is completed!

* 2 oz. heart-shaped candle made from 100% soy wax
* Key embedded in candle
* Pink heart lock

Note: To get these add-ons, select from the "Add-Ons" drop-down menu before adding to cart.


Scavenger Box is the perfect gift for creating an unforgettable experience for your loved one. It's amazing for:

  • Anniversaries
  • Proposals
  • Valentine's Day
  • Birthdays
  • Date Nights at Home 

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