a couple who loves scavenger hunts
Our Story

One year for Valentine's Day I surprised my boyfriend with an elaborate scavenger hunt with puzzles specific to our relationship and full of things he loves (including our cat!). He went from clue to clue solving puzzles until his final one led him to his favorite restaurant where I was waiting to meet him for dinner. For my birthday, he surprised me with a scavenger hunt that used clues and puzzles to retrace some of the most meaningful memories from our relationship.

a passion for play
Our Mission

There's something unbelievably rewarding about watching your loved ones unleash their inner child and run around excitedly from one clue to the next. And there's something special about the amazing memories you make when you connect with others through the joy of fun and games. And most importantly, we want to share that feeling with you! We are committed to helping people celebrate life in fun and unique ways through play.

Caroline & Stefan

Founders of Scavenger Box

Contact Us

If you have any questions, want to say hi, or chat about the coolest escape room you've done, you can reach us at hello@thescavengerbox.com