Scavenger Hunt Riddles and Clues for Adults

 Clues are a crucial part of a scavenger hunt because they help lead someone from one step to another. Sometimes you'll want to spice things up more than a simple "go here" or "go there" with clues that require a little more thinking and problem solving. But it can be difficult to think of a clever riddle or way to describe where you want them to go to find their next clue. If you're having any trouble coming up with clues, here are some examples ones you can use for inspiration. 

Outdoor scavenger hunt clues and riddles

  • (any location): If you have any questions, just follow these directions: *give them the latitude/longitude or GPS coordinates of the location*
  • (tallest point in the city): From this point in the city you'll get the best bird's eye view. It's also where you'll find your next clue.
  • (pool): Not sure where to go next and need a tip? Maybe you should cool down and take a quick dip.
  • (bbq): You're doing a good job solving this adventure - what a thrill! To uncover the next step, head to the grill. 

Indoor scavenger hunt clues and riddles

  • (fridge): Cheers! Let's celebrate you and me. If you look where you'd chill champagne, you never know what you'll see.
  • (shot glass): This time you won't find tequila, vodka, or rum. But instead this container will be holding 1.5 ounces of fun. 
  • (candy drawer): With each puzzle you solve, you're uncovering the truth. Next, search in the place you go when you have a sweet tooth. 
  • (candle): Usually this gives off a nice warm glow. Is that where you'll find your next clue? If you don't look, then you'll never know... 
  • (pet): This ball of fur isn't just great for cuddles. In fact, they may be the only one who knows how you can solve this puzzle. 

Romantic scavenger hunt clues and riddles

  • (location of first date): Do you remember? Head to the place where we first got together. 
  • (location first kiss): Enjoy this adventure! No need to rush. For your next clue, head to the place where our lips first touched.
  • (lingerie drawer): Here's where you might store something lacey and red. Look there and you'll find your next clue instead. 
  • (flowers): Roses are red. Violets are blue. These flowers hold your next clue.


Good luck creating your adventure! If you want to incorporate some epic puzzles into a scavenger hunt for your loved one, then be sure to check out our ready-to-go scavenger hunt kits.