The Best Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Couples

If you've ever wondered how to create a scavenger hunt for your partner, then you're in the right place. They make for an amazing gift for a loved one because you can customize it to be as unique as your relationship. Whether it's for Valentine's Day, an anniversary celebration, or a date night scavenger hunt, there are so many different ways that you can make someone's heart melt with a romantic scavenger hunt. Here are some of our favorite ideas that you can incorporate into a romantic scavenger hunt adventure:

proposal on the beach

Scavenger Hunt Idea #1: Proposal

We will let you in on a little secret here...scavenger hunts are one of the the absolute best proposal ideas! Unique? Check. Heart warming? Check. Personalized? Check. Not only do you get to take part in a fun and amazing adventure, but when you finally solve all the puzzles the ultimate treasure awaits. And if you make that final treasure a ring and proposal then this romantic scavenger hunt couldn't get any more memorable. The combination of a proposal at the end with a personalized adventure full of romantic surprises and meaningful moments is something that anyone would love. We have so many couples who love using our romantic scavenger hunt kit to create a one-of-a-kind dream proposal. 


scavenger hunt clue at romantic dinner

Scavenger Hunt Idea #2: Surprise Romantic Dinner

Having the final clue to the scavenger hunt tell them to meet you at at a romantic restaurant at a particular time is a great date night scavenger hunt idea. You can even give them just the address (rather than the name of the restaurant) so there is an added layer of suspense and mystery. Especially if you were not present when they were completing the rest of the adventure, this will be a great surprise and they will definitely be so excited to meet you for a romantic dinner. An equally romantic idea is having them meet you somewhere where you have prepared their favorite home-cooked meal by candlelight. 


scavenger hunt with candles on dock where couple had first date

Scavenger Hunt Idea #3: Revisit Places Where You Had Your First Dates

A super sentimental idea to incorporate into a romantic scavenger hunt is to have the adventure bring your loved one to locations where you had your first dates. Each clue can bring them to a different spot that is meaningful to your relationship. And you can either hide clues there if you're able to make sure it's unlikely that they will get moved, or if it's a local business you can ask them if they will participate and give your loved one the next clue when they come in. Bringing them back to the spots where you had your first dates is a really sweet way to have them reminisce about your relationship.


woman reading clue card in field during romantic scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt Idea #4: Flashback of Memories

You can also ensure that the scavenger hunt is sentimental and meaningful throughout by including a reference to your favorite memories of your relationship with each clue. These mini stories from your past experiences as a couple will show your loved one how much you care and will have them reminiscing about all your great times together. And you can have fun with the memories you include and throw in some funny stories that will have your partner laughing as well. 

10 things i love about you

Scavenger Hunt Idea #5: 10 Things I Love About You

Another really sweet idea is to include with every clue something that you love about your partner. Who doesn't love to hear nice things about themselves? Especially if your partner's love language is words of affirmation, then this is guaranteed to make them feel amazing. The more specific and personal you make this, the better! 


scavenger hunt clue with polaroid picture of couple

Scavenger Hunt Idea #6: Photo Trail

There's a reason why we all like hanging pictures of ourselves with our partners around the house. Not only does it bring warm and fuzzy feelings to look at our loved ones, but pictures can also take us back to relive some of our favorite moments. You can totally recreate this feeling in a scavenger hunt by including a special picture of the two of you together with each clue. Maybe you want to choose particular moments and include a little story on the back of the photo about why you chose it, or you may want to choose a picture for each year of your relationship to create a photo timeline. 


A scavenger hunt is an amazing way to make your loved one feel special. If you want everything you need to create one of the romantic scavenger hunt ideas above, check out our ready-to-go kit. It comes with fun puzzles and surprises that you can customize for your unique relationship - plus rose petals and candles to set the mood!