Classic Scavenger Hunt Kit Guide

Thanks for purchasing the Classic Scavenger Hunt Kit! You’ve got everything you need to make an amazing adventure for someone. The basic set-up of the classic scavenger hunt is simple: personalize your clues, hide them in fun locations, give the solver the first clue to launch the adventure, and have them find their personalized golden ticket prize at the end. But, what’s most exciting is the endless ways you can customize your adventure.

Check out the ideas below to help you get started:

Overall tips

  • Plan your scavenger hunt in advance. We always recommend starting to plan by deciding how you want the scavenger hunt to end and then working backwards clue by clue from there. Once you know how you want the adventure to flow, it will be much easier to write the clues and physically place all of them in the right spots.
  • Make your scavenger hunt personal. The more specific you make the adventure to the solver, the better it will be. You can weave in inside jokes, nicknames, personal memories, and special locations into the adventure. 
  • Make sure you consider how long it will take your loved one to solve the clues, as well as travel time depending on the different locations of the clues.
  • If you hide clues in public spaces then make sure you hide the clue in a spot where it’s not likely to be tampered with by other people. Alternatively, you can have someone waiting in the public space to place the clue just before they get there or make sure no one else takes it.
  • If your scavenger hunt will be taking place outdoors, remember to leave no trace and ensure that when the scavenger hunt is complete that no remnants from it are left outdoors
  • If you have specific questions, want advice, or are interested in seeing examples from other’s scavenger hunts, then join our Facebook group here.

Ideas for places to hide / ways to deliver scavenger hunt clues

Examples of scavenger hunt riddles

Scavenger hunt ideas for special occasions

How to use the add-ons

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