Easter Scavenger Hunt Kit Guide

You’ve got everything you need to make an amazing Easter adventure for someone. Here are the basic steps in setting up the Easter scavenger hunt:

  • Place a gift of your choosing (candy, chocolate, etc.) in the Easter gift box, wrap the chain around the handles, and lock the box.
  • Write your scavenger hunt clues and place each clue inside of an Easter egg. Place the key to the lock inside of the final egg.
  • Hide the eggs in their respective locations.
  • Give them the first egg to launch the hunt.

    If you're looking for fun ideas for clues to write, check out the ideas below to help you get started. And if you have any questions, reach out at hello@thescavengerbox.com

Examples of Easter-themed scavenger hunt riddles


  1. (washing machine): Where clothes are cleaned and spin around, the next clue is hiding and waiting to be found
  2. (shoes): Hop, hop, hop! These go on your feet. The Easter bunny doesn't ear any but he thinks they're pretty neat!
  3. (lamp): To keep things bright in the darkest night, find your next clue where switches ignite
  4. (under the bed): In a room where dreams take flight, your final clue is hidden out of sight
  5. (toaster): Where mornings begin and toast is done, your next clue hides where bread rises like the sun
  6. (bookshelf): In a place where stories unfold, find your next clue where imagination takes hold
  7. (candle): This beacon of warmth flickers and is bright. Your next clue can be found where a flame illuminates the night.
  8. (couch/chair): In this place that is a source of calm and a place to recline. Look for your next clue where cushions and comfort intertwine.
  9. (photograph): In this keeper of memories that is hung with care, find your clue where photos and moments are shared.
  10. (coffee maker): A morning ritual, a steaming affair. Seek your next clue where caffeine fills the air.
  11. (mirror): If you look here, things will become more clear. Your next clue is waiting where reflections draw near.
  12. (pantry/snack drawer): When you feel growling in your tummy, your next clue is waiting in the place where you go to find something yummy.
  13. (under the sink): To find your next clue you'll need to think, see what you find under the sink.
  14. (oven): Where cookies and cakes are baked with care, your next clue might be hiding there.
  15. (shower): If you look where you go to get clean, your next clue will be quickly seen.
  16. (tv): You're doing great - look at you go! Now look by the thing that plays movies and shows.
  17. (kitchen table): If you find all the clues, you'll be a winner. Look underneath where you sit to eat dinner.


  1. (tree): Among the branches, where birds sit, your next clue is hiding but you'll see it if you search a bit
  2. (bike): Your next clue is not very far. Look for something that has two wheels, pedals, and a handlebar.
  3. (treehouse): When you start playing on me, you'll never want to stop. You'll find your next clue when you climb to the top.
  4. (mailbox): Here comes the Easter bunny, hopping down the trail. Your next clue is waiting where you got mail.
  5. (trash bin): Some people think this is stinky and yuck! You'll find your next clue in a container that is emptied each week by a special type of truck.
  6. (deck): You're getting close to unlocking your surprise. Search on the deck to get one step closer to the prize.
  7. (garage): Your next clue is not very far. Look where we keep the car.
  8. (doorbell): Eggs of different colors are hidden all around, your next clue can be found where you press a button that makes a sound.