4 Reasons Why You Need to Create A Scavenger Hunt For Your Man

Buying the right gift for a man can be daunting. Maybe it’s because you’re buying for the man who has everything he needs. Or maybe you’re not confident you will choose the style, color, or brand he likes. If you’re stuck on your quest to find the right gift, don’t worry… We’ve got four reasons why giving your guy a personalized scavenger hunt might be everything you’ve been looking for all along.

couples experiences

1.  Experiences are better than things.

Some ‘experts’ will tell you that guys enjoy practical gifts that they can use on a daily basis, such as a watch or wallet. But how many watches and wallets does a man need these days anyways? A number of new studies are showing that more and more people are prioritizing experiences over material goods because they create long-lasting memories in our minds. These studies show that creating lasting memories together is key for maintaining strong, happy relationships. Let your relationship be a reflection of the fun and exciting experiences you’ve shared together and not possessions that might be collecting dust on his bedside table. A personalized scavenger hunt created by you is a great way to give a gift of adventure as you lead him through a series of clues and puzzles made just for him. Watch his excitement as he rearranges letters to reveal a cryptic message or uses clues to crack the code to a locked chest. Whether you create an extravagant scavenger hunt that takes him all over the city or send him on an adventure that he can solve at home, the message is clear: give him something he can’t gift himself - a personalized experience that he will remember for years to come!

boyfriend puzzle gift

2.  Taps into his deep desire for solving puzzles.

There’s something about the thrill of solving puzzles that many men seem to be innately attracted to. It has been observed that chimpanzees in captivity enjoy solving puzzles even when they are not immediately rewarded with food. Now, we’re not saying your guy is a captive chimp, not at all… What we’re saying is that solving puzzles activates feel-good brain chemicals and a sense of accomplishment that we share with one of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. A scavenger hunt is a great way to test your man’s problem solving skills in a fun and unique way. Leaving him cryptic messages and riddles, leading him to items around the house, or having him solve complex math or logic problems are just a few ideas, but they barely scratch the surface of what’s possible when it comes to creating a personalized scavenger hunt. For more inspiration, you can check out some examples of scavenger hunt ideas for couples.

boyfriend appreciation

3.  Makes him feel special and appreciated.

The best types of scavenger hunts are ones that are personalized. Part of the joy of solving puzzles or finding clues is the feeling that the adventure was made just for them. Lead him with a clue to his favorite restaurant or create a custom crossword puzzle that only he can solve by drawing on past adventures and memories you’ve shared together. This is also an opportunity to show him how much you love him with sweet messages of affirmation and affection because guys need that type of lovin’ too, even if they don’t admit it. 

boyfriend personalized gift

4.  Rewards him with a personalized surprise.

We are firm believers that no scavenger hunt is complete without rewarding your guy for his efforts with a final surprise waiting for him as he solves the final puzzle. Perhaps at this point, he’s used some of the clues to reveal a number combination that will help him unlock the treasure chest containing a prize thoughtfully crafted by you. It might be as simple as a personalized DIY gift certificate for his favorite homemade meal or an hour-long massage. While we think that the best rewards are created simply through the labour of love and don’t carry a hefty price tag, the choice is ultimately up to you. Maybe it’s a chance to surprise him with tickets to his favorite sporting event or maybe you decided to get that watch against our best advice. Whatever you choose, we are confident you will blow him away with the delivery and create a memory he will never forget. 

If you need a hand in creating an unforgettable adventure, we’ve got you covered. Scavenger Box gives you everything you need to create a personalized romantic scavenger hunt your loved man will be raving about.