How To Create a DIY Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Finding a meaningful gift for your loved one can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes, the same old box of chocolates just doesn’t bring the excitement or communicate how special they are. Research has shown that not only do people prefer to receive experiences instead of material gifts, but those who received an experiential gift were happier too! Fun experiences and adventures are the gifts that keep on giving because they create unforgettable memories that will be treasured forever. Creating the perfect romantic scavenger hunt doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s our checklist for how to get started:

scavenger hunt clues with photos of couple


What truly makes a scavenger hunt the perfect gift is that it can be as unique as your love story! The sky's the limit when it comes to customization. You should use your insider knowledge of your loved one and your relationship to create the most unforgettable experience. Some creative ways to make sure the scavenger hunt is super personalized include: displaying pictures of the two of you throughout the hunt, incorporating inside jokes, nicknames, and shared memories in the clues, sending them to meaningful locations for clues (like where you had your first date), or having a pet help deliver a clue (this is one of our favorites!).


scavenger hunt with roses and candles leading to bedroom


No matter the occasion, rose petals are a sure way to up the romance factor. Decorating a whole room with bouquets of flowers can be expensive, but rose petals (whether fresh, dried, or silk) provide a more affordable option that will equally take someone’s breath away. Directing your special someone to the first clue of the scavenger hunt using a trail of rose petals or spelling out a heart-felt message are both excellent  ways to add that romantic touch.


glow in the dark letters that spell 'i love you' during scavenger hunt for girlfriend


Want to really bring the excitement? Then sprinkle lots of unexpected surprises throughout the scavenger hunt to create memorable moments that will make someone go “WOW!”. In a scavenger hunt, things shouldn’t be quite as they seem. Books with hidden compartments, disappearing ink, and glow-in-the-dark messages are just some of the many ways to leave an everlasting impression.


candles in an arrow formation for Valentine's Day scavenger hunt


There’s no better way to create a romantic scene than with soft, glowing lights. To create that romantic feeling, choose lighting that is dim and on the warm-end of the color spectrum (red, yellow, orange, pink). Candles create this beautiful effect naturally, and can be used in many creative ways to ensure a romantic feeling. Some examples include: a candle-lit path, candles in the shape of an arrow pointing to the next clue, or candles illuminating the beginning clue of the scavenger hunt. When doing a scavenger hunt we highly recommend using LED candles. They are much safer, you don't need to worry about them burning out, and trust us the glowing effect they create is just as magical.


Valentine's Day scavenger hunt clue inside message in a bottle


Who doesn’t love hearing how wonderful they are? Now is the time to let your loved one know how much they mean to you and what you treasure about them the most. There are so many creative ways to leave love messages throughout a scavenger hunt including: hidden inside of a bottle or a balloon, or spelled out using rose petals.


romantic scavenger hunt playlist


We all know that warm and fuzzy feeling we get when we hear our favorite love song. Music is often deeply linked to our most romantic memories: first dances, marriages, first kisses. And research has shown that it can trigger strong human emotions. Adding romantic music to a scavenger hunt is one of the easiest ways to ensure your loved one will remember this moment forever. If you need some inspiration, check out this playlist curated specifically for romantic scavenger hunts. You can have your favourite love song play on command using Spotify Connect and coordinate it to play when someone reaches a particular point in the scavenger hunt.


Valentine's Day scavenger hunt treasure chest locked with heart lock


In order to have your scavenger hunt feel romantic from beginning to end, you’ll want to make sure that each step of the hunt is love-themed. For example, why have them solve a regular combination lock when they could solve one shaped like a heart? We recommend using heart designs along with the colours red and pink throughout the hunt to make sure every step feels romantic.


scavenger hunt couple holding love lotto scratch card on bed with roses and candles


To top off an epic scavenger hunt, it’s always great to reward your loved one with a final prize. This can be a special gift like a bouquet of roses or a note to meet you at their favourite restaurant for a date. If you really want to melt their heart, then you can do something super romantic like give them a hand-written love note saying how much they mean to you accompanied with hand-made love tickets that they can cash in for a dinner and massage at home. If you’re planning a scavenger hunt proposal, then the final prize is the perfect time to pop the question! 


We hope this checklist helps you make the ultimate romantic scavenger hunt. If you want some more help getting started, check out our romantic scavenger hunt kit that gives you everything you need to create an amazing adventure. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a proposal, or any occasion where you want to make someone feel special, a scavenger hunt is the perfect gift that your loved one will remember forever.