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Classic Scavenger Hunt Kit

Regular price$24.99
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Great for indoor and outdoor hunts

Meet the most fun way to turn any occasion into an adventure!

Surprise someone special with a mystery adventure to find their prize using a series of customizable clues and messages in wax-sealed envelopes. The personalized 'scratch off' golden ticket prize is the perfect reward for a job well done.

Watch their eyes light up with excitement as they receive their first clue and see them eagerly race to solve each one. Incorporate inside jokes, fun memories, and meaningful locations into the clues to create a one-of-a-kind experience that they are guaranteed to love.

  • 10 envelopes (4x3")
  • 10 gold-lined inserts (3.5x2.5")
  • 10 gold wax-sealed stamps
  • 1 customizable golden ticket (7x3") and scratch sticker
  • Access to our online guide with over 50 ideas for places to hide clues, scavenger hunt riddles, and ways to personalize your adventure

It's super easy to set up! All you need to do is write your clues, seal them in the envelopes, and place them in their locations. Then, write your custom prize on the golden ticket, slap on the scratch sticker, and place it at the end of the hunt, and you're ready to go.

There are so many ways you can personalize the adventure! Once you receive your kit, you can customize the scavenger hunt by writing clues and place them in locations that are specific to your relationship. For example, you can weave inside jokes, personal memories, and fun locations into each clue.

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How It Works

how to make a scavenger hunt step 1
1. Personalize

Write your clues and your golden ticket prize

how to make a scavenger hunt step 2
2. Place

Place the envelopes in fun locations and give them the first one to launch the hunt

how to make a scavenger hunt step 3
3. Prize

Reward them at the end with the personalized golden ticket prize

A fun adventure to remember

outdoor scavenger hunt yosemite outdoor scavenger hunt yosemite
“So much fun! The look on his face when he saw the first clue and realized it was a scavenger hunt was priceless. Best surprise ever.”
-Sophie J, New York

Whether it’s your friend, child, or romantic partner, you can create a fun surprise guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

christmas scavenger hunt

From just because surprises to birthday celebrations, a scavenger hunt turns all of life's moments into a memorable experience.


Built to be perfect for both indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts, there's no limit to how and where you create your unique adventure.

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Incorporate inside jokes, fun memories, and meaningful locations into the clues to create a one-of-a-kind experience that they are guaranteed to love

Take your scavenger hunt to the next level

disappearing ink pen for scavenger hunt
Disappearing Ink Pen - $5.99

Create a secret message that only appears when heat is applied near it. An amazing surprise! Add to your cart at checkout to pack on the fun to your adventure.

compass for outdoor scavenger hunt
Compass - $12.99

Hide your clues at specific coordinates and let them have a blast using the compass to discover them. Add to your cart at checkout to pack on the fun to your adventure.

Still have more questions? See our FAQ below!

It all depends on where you choose to place your clues. If you do an indoor scavenger hunt at home, you could have your scavenger hunt ready to go in 15 minutes.

Because of its easy set up, this scavenger hunt kit is super versatile and ready to go for all of life's moments. It's the perfect way to create a fun, memorable experience for someone from 'just because' surprises to more occasision-based celebrations like birthdays or group activities.

Yes! The fun in doing a scavenger hunt is the excitement and anticipation of what comes next.

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