Classic Scavenger Hunt Kit for Large Groups & Parties
Classic Scavenger Hunt Kit for Large Groups & Parties
golden ticket scratch off prize reveal
red and black scavenger hunt clues in wax sealed envelopes
scavenger hunt for parties and team building
Classic Scavenger Hunt Kit for Large Groups & Parties

Classic Scavenger Hunt Kit for Large Groups & Parties

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  • Great for groups of 4 or more
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"This will definitely be a huge hit for more events in the future! Everyone had so much fun." -Lindsay F.

Connect with your friends, family, or colleagues during a fun and interactive game

Get everyone engaged in a mystery adventure where they race to solve clues to find a final prize. Customize your scavenger hunt clues and the final scratch-off prize to create a tailor-made experience that your group is guaranteed to love. 

More clues for more people! This scavenger hunt kit is perfect for parties, team-building activities, and other events for large groups.

  • 30 envelopes (4x3")
  • 30 gold-lined clue cards (3.5x2.5")
  • 30 gold wax-sealed stamps
  • 1 customizable golden ticket (7x3") and scratch sticker
  • Access to our online guide with over 50 ideas for places to hide clues, scavenger hunt riddles, and ways to personalize your adventure

It's super easy to set up! All you need to do is write your clues, seal them in the envelopes, and place them in their locations. Then, write your custom prize on the golden ticket, slap on the scratch sticker, and place it at the end of the hunt, and you're ready to go.

There are so many ways you can personalize the adventure! Once you receive your kit, you can customize the scavenger hunt by writing clues and place them in locations of your choosing. For example, you can weave inside jokes, personal memories, and fun locations into each clue.

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How It Works

1. Personalize

Write your clues and your golden ticket prize

2. Place

Place the envelopes in fun locations and give them the first one to launch the hunt

3. Prize

Reward them at the end with the personalized golden ticket prize

“We had a great day of team bonding and laughing doing the scavenger hunt! And as the organizers, this kit was a huge help in everything coming together smoothly.”
-Andrea C, Toronto

Bring the whole team together for a mystery adventure where they compete to solve clues and find a prize


From to birthday celebrations to family reunions, create a memorable celebration with a fun adventure that will have everyone involved in solving clues


Engage kids' problem solving abilities and deduction skills in a fun activity that will capture their attention for hours

Take your scavenger hunt to the next level

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Still have more questions? See our FAQ below!

It all depends on where you choose to place your clues. We recommend setting aside at least 60 minutes to plan your scavenger hunt, write your clues, and place them in their locations.

Because of its easy set up, this scavenger hunt kit is super versatile. It's a great choice for team building events, parties, or family reunions. We recommend this scavenger hunt kit for groups of 4 or more people. And for groups of a very large size, we recommend dividing the group into teams and creating specific clues for each team.

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